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Hooghly River Cruise

Experience the essence of Bengal, from its rich colonial history spanning 400 years to the beauty of its rural landscapes. Sail upstream on the River Hoogly from Calcutta to Barrackpore, Chandernagore and Hoogly to Murshidabad, the capital to the Nawabs of Bengal. This journey is an endeavor to capture the essence of Bengal, its agricultural wealth and abundance, the rural mud and thatch villages, bustling trading towns and colonial history spanning four hundred years. Visit the Dutch colony of Sreerampore. Stay on the river boat and ride cycle rickshaws to visit some of Bengal’s most beautiful terracotta temples.

Hoogly river cruise

ITINERARY – Hooghly River Cruise

hoogly cruise

Day 1. Embark midday on your ship and sail up past the Old Danish colony of Serampore to Barrackpore, walk through the cantonment, explore at leisure;

Day 2. Sail up to Chandernagore, a French possession until 1950, take rickshaws to visit the Dutch cemetery; sail into the night to a mooring near Kalna;

Day 3. Visit one of the most attractive terracotta temples in Bengal, visit the ISKON temple at Mayapur;

Day 4. Visit the brassworking village of Matiari, Later cruise on past the battlefield of Plassey where in 1757 Clive’s defeat of Siraj-ud-Daulah changed the course of Indian history, to moor at Murshidabad;

Day 5. Land and travel by cycle rickshaw to the Khushbagh, a peaceful Moghul-style garden enclosing the tombs of Siraj-ud-Daulah, sail upstream and see Hazarduari Palace;

Day 6. Moor at the idyllic rustic village of Baranagar – visit three small terracotta temples, view the banks overladen with mango orchards;

Day 7. Moor at Farraka and then depart for onward destination.

Brahmaputra River Cruise

The Brahmaputra river cruise provides you the unprecedented chance of getting up close and personal with attractions such as Elephant & Jeep Safaris at Kaziranga National Park, Tea Garden visits including tea factory and research centre, visits river islands, opportunity to see the rich tradition and culture of the assamese people and various tribes, colourful folk dance performances, walks in different tribal villages and opportunity to know their lifestyles, visits to temples (Kamakhya, Shiva Temple – Sivasagar) and forts from the Ahom Kingdom and experience the might of the Brahmaputra.

Brahmaputra river cruise

ITINERARY – Brahmaputra River Cruise

Day 1. Short sight-seeing tour to Commonwealth war memorial, Kamakhya Devi temple, embark the vessel to to Kurua;

Day 2. Cruise along and explore a delightfully serene hinterland lying under jungle-covered slopes;

Day 3. Make a short stop to visit a bankside village; moor for the night in a lunar landscape of sand islands;

Day 4. Take a country boat for another cruise up a side stream, into the rarely visited Orang National Park looking for rhino, deer and other wildlife;

Day 5. Cruise on to Tezpur, visit the 6th century Da Parbatia temple ruins with a beautifully carved portal, then explore the town by cycle rickshaw;

Day 6. Continue upstream to moor at Steemer Ghat – a lovely beach backed by jungle – covered hills, drive to Kaziranga’s Western Range for a jeep safari and to scan the wilderness from an observation tower;

Day 7. Disembark pre – dawn and drive to Kaziranga’s Central Range for an early morning elephant ride, walk through terraced tea gardens and past a Karbi tribal village, then drive to a Mising tribal village, with their distinctive houses raised on piles;

Day 8. Depart for onward destination